Nicole Tilot

Virtual Health & Wellness Coach - Green Bay, WI


Nicole Tilot Health Coaching is on a mission to help you redefine your health and rediscover your dreams. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I understand that making healthy lifestyle changes can feel overwhelming, complicated, and may feel impossible to fit into your already busy schedule. Together, we make healthy living simple to integrate into your life!

After spending years in the financial services industry growing my business, serving my clients, attending all of the networking events and serving on volunteer committees and boards, I was burnt out. As a former collegiate soccer player, health has always been important to me, but after two knee surgeries and years of giving to everything and everyone else but myself, I felt exhausted, confused, and on the brink of burn-out. I wasn't working out, taking care of myself or eating well and my business and my relationships were suffering. I knew I needed to do something or soon end up at rock bottom. So I went seeking help which led me to join a fitness challenge, complete a cleanse, and hire a coach. This was the turning point in my life and in my health and as I watched so many other amazing, powerful, impactful women going through the same things I went through, I discovered my mission to help other women just like me.

Today, as a certified Health and Life Coach, I empower women to shift into their full potential in their health and their lives, and this is the best decision I have ever made! My clients share feeling energetic, fit, toned, excited about life, clear on their purpose, and confident in their skin. They overcome old habits and mindsets around food, dare to dream again, experience better relationships, and even uplevel their businesses. I am committed to helping busy women up-level their health and lives by learning that putting themselves first again isn't selfish, but necessary in order to give as our highest self. I can't wait to connect with you!

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