Jessica Moylan

Beauty and Lifestyle Consultant - Oconomowoc, WI


I fell into the beauty industry in a roundabout way at the young age of just 17. I was young, naive, and just looking for an alternative to a 4-year college, but to my surprise, I fell in love with the industry and very quickly excelled. Early in my career, I was able to become an award-winning competitor at a National level as well as coordinate and style fashion shows, photography styling, and special events. As my life grew and developed so did my desire to help people at a deeper level. This desire led me to pursue health and wellness and helping people achieve not just their image desires, but also their lifestyle and nutrition goals. An additional blessing my career has brought me to is the ability to help people navigate their identities during chemotherapy, radiation, alopecia, and even trichotillomania.

My unique approach always comes down to one word: sustainability. Each person I consult with has unique desires, comfort levels, and abilities. There is no one size fits all solution to someone’s desire to look and feel their best! My focus is to always find reasonable ways for someone to reach their goals so they can feel empowered to achieve those goals for years to come!

Throughout my journey over the last several decades, I have discovered that beauty and image is an inside job of self-awareness and acceptance. Allow me to help you find the beauty within you.

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