Ashley Brooks

Wellness Advocate - Port Washington, WI


My journey with doTERRA started when, as a mom of two, I felt helpless and frustrated when it came to my child's health and wellness. My son struggles with chronic respiratory issues and I was determined to find something that could empower me as a mom to take better care of my child and something that could benefit his little body. That's when I found doTERRA...or rather doTERRA found me. These oils and products have revolutionized our health and subsequently, our financial future as well. As a stay at home mom I struggled with not being able to financially contribute to our family’s finances and doTERRA was my answer to that dilemma before I even realized there was one! Traveling around the country, sharing my love of these oils to help people on their wellness journey is a privilege I am grateful for every day. I had no idea how much impact doTERRA would have on my life, let alone the lives of so many around me. I am incredibly blessed.

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