Rebecca McDermott

Licensed Massage Therapist & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner - Waukesha, Wi


I have been trained in PNMT, Aromatherapy, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Cupping, Hot Stone, and Prenatal. These are the techniques I use the most.

I became interested in massage therapy when I saw an advertisement for the school I would later attend. It explained that massage can help people with a variety of physical and emotional issues. I immediately felt the call and looked into attending massage therapy school. After learning more about massage therapy at the school’s open house, I decided to attend and have not regretted it since. I have compassion for caring for people and I am passionate about serving and getting involved in my community. I believe that is what I have been placed on this earth to do. Massage therapy has led me down a path where I am continually learning about different modalities, people, and myself.

When I’m not busy being a massage therapist, I enjoy hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, painting, photography, some traveling, attending live music and/or community events, game nights with friends and family, hanging out in the small town where I live, and playing guitar and singing. I love a good movie once in a while too.

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