Erica Gifford Mills

Life Coach - Greendale, WI


Balanced Symmetree is designed to help each person (women and young ladies) in their quest to find confidence, support, balance and the ability to reach their goals. Balanced Symmetree is life and empowerment coaching with Erica Gifford Mills. Erica is an International Integrative & Holistic Health, Wellness & Life Coach, fitness instructor, sports coach, personal empowerment coach, business professional, and mother.

Erica believes that each person has all that they need inside of them to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. She assists her clients in pulling out their inner greatest - their inner Wonder Woman. She will provide clients with the guidance, tools, and techniques to give them the strength to go after their dreams through achieving clarity and focus. This allows individuals to have more options and to keep themselves accountable. The intent is for Erica to work in tandem and integrated into your life to create balance and wholeness in their personal and professional lives.

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