Diane Garrison, Ph.D

Psychologist-Women's Empowerment Coach - Pewaukee, WI


Dr. Diane Garrison is an inspired leader, compassionate teacher, and dedicated healer. A Licensed Psychologist with over 25 years of clinical experience and a certified Feminine Power Coach and Facilitator, she is on a mission to teach people how to truly flourish in their lives. “After years of assisting clients to move from dysfunction to stability, I am now passionate about helping my clients move from functional to fabulous, learning how to live a life of purpose and passion”.

Throughout her career, she has worked with mental health and life adjustment issues, as well as alcohol, drug, and other addictions, with a special interest and focus on the unique needs and multifaceted lives of women.

Her personal journey with health challenges led her beyond traditional medicine and psychology to the world of holistic health, spirituality, and energy work. As she studied spiritual and alternative health practices, she has incorporated this knowledge into her professional practices with stunningly positive results. The Holistic Perspective Works!

Dr. Diane offers both Transformational Psychotherapy & Women’s Empowerment Coaching. Her “Step Into Your Full Power” process enables women to strengthen their self-worth, clarify their vision, and develop the support system needed to manifest one’s greatest potential and possibility.

In addition, each fall and spring she offers an 8-week women’s empowerment course: The Full Power Process—Moving from Functional to Fabulous where she introduces women to the powerful tools and mindsets of Feminine Power and assists them to build a tribe of like-minded sisters.

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