Dr. Ashley Anne

Integrative Lifestyle Doctor - Shorewood, WI


My name is Dr. Ashley Anne, and I created Lotus Healing because it's what I wish I would have had. For most of my life I suffered from chronic mental and physical disease and disorder that held me back from becoming the person I knew I could be.

I'm now a licensed counselor, researcher, educator, yoga instructor, relational therapist, and Reiki practitioner. Traditional health care models don't allow me to deliver the integrative support I know I can give. So I've started my own movement as an Integrative Lifestyle Doctor by founding Lotus Healing.

My mission is clear: Synergistic, lotus-like healing for everyone - bringing us all from the muddy depths of suffering into the bright sunshine in which we all deserve to bloom.

From digital content and public speaking to coaching and consulting, I provide a wide array of opportunities to learn the Lotus Healing paradigm. Everything is supported by research and is backed by the hundreds of people I've already had the honor of supporting. I'd love to meet you and see how I can support your journey.

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