One Year Later...

One small thought, replayed over and over again in my head. This nagging feeling tugged at me every moment I'd let it sneak in. I thought, there must be a way to help people - truly help in a massive way. A way that would leave a ripple big enough to be felt through the entire world. But how?

In my role as a Financial Adviser, I listened to countless stories of people wanting to improve their lives. Some had a lot of money, some had enough and others lived paycheck-to-paycheck. Interestingly enough though, it turned out that no matter what number fell on the bottom line, people were craving more. Some wanted better health, some desperately wanted financial freedom, and most wanted genuine happiness. As I heard about struggles and challenges almost daily, I felt compelled to reach out my hand and help more than I was doing in my current role. I commonly referred clients to other professionals in the areas they were seeking, but my heart couldn't stop there. This persistent yearning for more turned into a mission that would soon birth an actual real-life business. Of course, it wouldn't happen overnight.

My first vision - a triangle: each side would represent a category of health, wealth and happiness, much like a trifecta effect. I truly felt that we can’t be whole without addressing each of these critical areas of life.

I would create a team of professionals and go 'on the road' sharing our passion in our areas of expertise. I envisioned partnering with a health coach and another expert who would represent happiness; perhaps a therapist, counselor or life coach. I, of course would represent the financial angle. We'd combine our markets and poof, like that, we'd have instant success. Not so much. I shared my idea with potential partners thinking they'd jump out of their chairs with excitement - nope.

I remember driving home that night feeling deflated because I really thought I was onto something. After all, I shared my vision with my sister months before and she was like a cheerleader screaming for a Superbowl victory! If big sis approved, it had to work, I thought.

Not as much as a silent cricket sounded after my exhilarating pitch. Opposing voices in my head instantly said "who are you to dream so big, that was a dumb idea anyway, it would’ve never worked." With failed attempt number one behind me, I tucked the idea away.

The problem was that the nagging desire never escaped as hard as I tried to ignore it. It was like a desperate boyfriend holding so tightly to the belief that "she'll come back someday".

Then one day, that someday came: 6 months later, a thought popped in, only a little different this time. It was as if a light bulb went off, lights flashed and sirens rang! I've got it! Just then I remembered the amazing advancement of the 21st century: THE WORLD WIDE WEB!! My professional road show of three suddenly turned into unlimited potential which meant massive impact and endless hands reaching out to those in need. My heart was singing!

From that moment, I knew it would be. My path led me directly to this place. I would couple my previous experience of online advertising with my current career and it was literally like my two worlds perfectly collided to manifest my undeniable dream.

Now I could really see the puzzle pieces coming together. I called my sister and shared my ah-ha moment as if it had all been validated. She was still cheering, only louder this time. "Yes, Sista, yes!!"

18 months later, from the very first brainstorming session and a few stumbling blocks along the way, we were creating this very website that you are viewing today.

We share our story not only to give you a look into the creation of this space, but to give you hope and to spark a dream that may lie dormant in you.

Our success didn’t just happen to us. We didn’t inherit a family business, we weren't handed a load of money from investors, we don't have backgrounds in business and we don't have formal college degrees.

What we have is a work ethic passed down from years of farmers that worked their fingers to the bone, day and night for their future generations. If they did it for us, then we must show up for our children, grandchildren and all who would follow.

We have a desire so deep and a dream so big that we are now unstoppable. Not only do we want to help others find the help they are looking for, we want to inspire you to keep watering your thoughts because we promise, with the right amount of soil and sunlight, you too can bring your dreams to reality.

Never, ever give up, and always listen to that nagging voice inside - for that one thought, no matter how small, may just someday change the world.

Be well,

Cindy & Kim

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